All A level subjects and all AS and A2 modules on all exam boards are available for retaking in 2017.

“I am pleased that we can ensure that no student taking AS or A levels will have to effectively study for a new qualification if things don’t go to plan the first time around.” Julie Swan, Ofqual

"Studying at RIC raised my confidence and ambition - my previous school told me I would never get into a Russell Group university."

Results 2016
Approximately two thirds of RIC A level students received A* to B grades, securing places at top Russell Group universities. Their achievements are all the more impressive as more than 70% achieved the grades in only one year.

A level Retakes 

Even the top universities accept A level resit students and for some of the most competitive courses such as Dentistry, Veterinary Science, English and Law. In 2015 six RIC A level retake students won places at UK Medical schools. The first choice university for students retaking was Exeter. One bad year need not blight your career, indeed it can be turned to your advantage. A level retake students from RIC regularly secure places at leading Russell Group institutions. With a squeeze on university places and ever more students securing Grade As at A level it’s clear that retaking A levels offers a passport to more prestigious courses at better universities.

RIC’s bespoke A level resit courses now run January- June or September-June depending on individual circumstances. Our teachers can offer retake courses for all examination boards and options. It is possible to study through the year part time, i.e combining retaking one or two subjects with paid work experience or internships or to combine a short intensive January-June resit with more traditional gap year adventures between September and January. 

“I’m delighted to see the results of Judd students retaking A levels at RIC and offer my congratulations to the five students who did so this year. We do recommend RIC to our students who are looking for further support and need to retake A levels.” Robert Masters, Headmaster, The Judd School, Tonbridge.


Transfer for Year 13

Every September up to 100 students join RIC directly into Year 13 for their final year of sixth form. RIC is able to offer teaching on all exam boards for most subjects so switching schools can be done with ease.

We are so happy that Emily’s difficult decision to change school last year, and all her hard work this year has paid off. Her grades last year of BCC (and E in physics!) were raised by 4 grades. There is no question that if she had remained at her old school, she would not have been in a position to take up a place at Exeter University. We are all absolutely delighted and relieved that she has achieved so brilliantly at RIC this year. I have had a couple of conversations with friends whose children are in a similar situation to Emily last year. I’m having no difficulty at all in recommending RIC!  Sue Labrum, mother of Emily, from Walthamstow Hall, Sevenoaks


A level Resits Boarding: A Stepping Stone Between School and University

As many resit students at RIC opt to board there is still the opportunity to leave home at the same time as peers and live in a residential environment that is designed to be a stepping stone between school and university. It’s not just students who have disappointing AS results who transfer directly into year 13. Some move to change direction and add extra A levels intensively in one year. Others are seeking a more stimulating academic environment or wish to spend the last year of their secondary education boarding.

“To really succeed in my A level retake year, I found that I had to fully commit. I found this difficult with the daily commute and found that boarding was a more sensible solution. It proved invaluable. I made a firm foundation of friends, who were always there to remind me of my academic responsibilities if I ever slacked. Whereas I began the year in the mind-set to complete my retake year as quickly as possible, and go back to my ‘normal’ life, I found boarding not only helped me complete the year, but I enjoyed doing so, growing as a student and gaining some of the confidence I had lost in myself on results day.” Idris Kaplan, 2015

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