years 7-11

"This informal, diverse environment sits happily with academic achievement. GCSE and A level results are consistenly impressive. Each year students gain entrance to many top universities, pursuing courses from veterinary science to criminology! RIC privides an ideal environment fo the smooth transition to higher education - it really is a 'University for children" ME19 Magazine


Year 7 Taster Days

Wednesday 28 June 2017 9.30am - 3pm

For families with children in years 5 and 6 who would like to find out more about our high-performing school.
We have our own minibus services from locations in Kent such as Sevenoaks, Otford, Borough Green, Kings Hill, Maidstone, Staplehurst, Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells.

Call 01634 828115 and speak to Maeva in admissions for more information or to book a place.


A small, flexible school with small classes

RIC has around 100 students in Years 7-11 aged 11-16.  A smaller school size allows more opportunity for our teachers to work closely together and share information. It allows us to provide an unparalleled level of feedback to parents with regular reports and an open door policy.


We offer a happy and lively atmosphere where academic success follows naturally from students being settled in their environment and engaged by enthusiastic and talented teachers. We are small enough to get to know everyone very well but large enough for good friendship groups to be formed.


The expectation is that all will grow in confidence and self esteem, do well academically and have great memories of school life.


An academic school with the widest range of GCSE courses in Kent

We only offer IGCSE and GCSE courses, not vocational qualifications.  Biology, Chemistry and Physics are taught at International GCSE level for those aiming to study Sciences at A level. German, French and Spanish GCSE are offered. Drawing on the considerable expertise and enthusiasm of RIC teachers, students also have the opportunity to study more unusual subjects such as Film Studies and Photography. Where appropriate, RIC students start AS level courses early, alongside their GCSEs. Regular testing and examination practice ensures students and their parents can see rapid progress. 


An unstuffy school that is high performing but not academically selective

There is no school uniform and everyone is on first name terms. Believing that everyone who works hard can do well we do not have entrance exams yet our GCSE and A level results rival the most selective schools. Our students enjoy being taught well in an environment that avoids the petty rules and traditional trappings of some independent and grammar schools. Homework is set regularly but we aim for a sensible balance between school and family life. After a busy day many of our students pursue a range of outside hobbies and interests. We do not teach on Saturdays.


A lively school with a talented, caring team of teachers and support staff 

The strength of any school is the quality of its staff. At RIC there is very little turn over, ensuring consistency for children. Our teaching style is positive, enthusiastic and encouraging. The ISI say: “Relationships between staff and students, and amongst students, are extremely positive and help to raise students’ motivation and enjoyment. They commented on how accessible staff are and how the additional help they receive outside lesson time is instrumental in improving their understanding. Students feel valued by teachers and this enables them confidently to contribute in lessons and seek further advice when needed.”


A happy school that is about so much more than examination results and where the Good School Guide say it is hard to imagine a better place for an artist to be. 

Students at RIC benefit from what the ISI describe as “excellent” personal development: “Students’ attitudes to their work and learning are exemplary. The warmth and relaxed college atmosphere give students the confidence to participate in lessons without fear of being labelled a failure.” Students enjoy a colourful range of sports and clubs. They are served great school meals and help plan their own exciting trips. Music, Media, Art, Photography, Graphics, Textiles, Film and Drama give a creative buzz.      


A flexible school offering intensive one year GCSE courses

As all subjects on this programme are taught intensively over three terms moving from another school directly into Year 11 can be done with ease. Students joining the College at this stage in their education are often doing so to enhance their GCSE grade prospects. One Year GCSE programmes are also suitable for those forced to move school due to illness, family circumstances such as relocation and those needing to retake their GCSEs after disappointing results first time round. Our flexibility of approach means we are often able to help in uniquely difficult or exceptional educational circumstances. Students have joined our One Year GCSE classes directly from international schools, including those where they had been following IGCSEs or the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme in Year 10.


"At my house my famil call RIC 'the school of the future'! We all wear our own clothes, call the teachers by their first names and we don't always work out of text books. If I put my hand up in class to answer a question and get it wrong I don't feel silly." Phoebe, year 8 student

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